You Moka Me Happy!

Italy: wine, antipasto, gelato, olives, lemons, and coffee. That’s what I think of when I reminisce of boot-shaped heaven. I spent lots of time traveling throughout Italy, and on one of my lovely trips I rented a little stone cottage just a short train ride from Cinque Terre. This off-the-beaten-path agritourismo was perfect. It had an infinity pool overlooking the gulf, olive trees, and honeybees. They made olive oil, wine, and honey on site. Best of all, they delivered breakfast each morning, which consisted of fresh fruit, pastries, and a little Moka pot with Illy coffee. Those morning were sweet and savory, and now each morning when I fill my Moka I think about those glorious, warm mornings. Just the wandering thought makes me smile!


Best Coffee Recipe:

Fill Moka with choice coffee (I love Bustelo!)

Add a pinch of cinnamon and a pod of cardamom

Brew and enjoy black, sweet and/or cloudy!


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